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Who We Are

A community based social enterprise

our goal is to help clean the oceans through local community involvement.  We repurpose ocean rubbish, establish marine recycling projects and conserve our local mangrove and seagrass beds.



Making A Difference on a local level

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Regular rubbish collection

At ECOBEL we run regular paddle trips on Sydney Harbour collecting rubbish and repurposing it

Mangrove / seagrass support

By helping replant and maintain our precious mangroves and seagrass beds we can help pull many tonnes of CO2 out of our atmosphere

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Kids Jumping into the Lake

community connections

We believe that we can make an impact as well as have lots of fun

Marine Battery Recycling

We have a marine battery recycling project trialled and tested in Sydney harbour. Our goal is to recycle 90% of boat batteries saving 110 000 plastic cases from landfill, 250 000 liters of sulphuric acid leaching into the water table and removing over 500 000 kilos of toxic lead from the environment.

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Sydney Harbour

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